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I just finished a risograph test print!! Check ‘it out!

SFLPB ‘14 - The SF Lapel Pin Badge is a brass and cloisonné deluxe emblem for the S.F. series. Included is a 44-page, 4-color risograph comic book (previewed above) inside a screen-printed and sealed plastic package. The class of 2013’s pin was navy. Join the class of 2014 in burgundy!

(If you have already ordered one, you rule. But you know that.)

Preorder it at the Screentone TV shop (LINKthis weekend. On Monday I’m putting in the order at the great big pin badge factory, and then it’ll be a couple months to make the pins, print and assemble the books, package etc. They’ll be released in September.

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    GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see this in person. I LOVE how Ryan Cecil Smith keeps pushing the limitations of risograph...
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